Thursday, December 13, 2012


       Traditions are very important to any family during the Christmas season. The biggest tradition is the Christmas tree. Whether you know this or not in a Christian household the tree represents the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death is cutting down the tree, disconnecting Christ from God. The burial preparing the tree, as Jesus was prepared for burial. The resurrection is to reconnect Jesus to Father by putting the tree back up. Decorating the tree with lights and other things is Christ glory through his resurrection. What an amazing image of Christ!  

Why are traditions important? They bring families together, hopefully with peace. Traditions are something that the whole family decides on. Without traditions Christmas would not be as glories as it is. I appreciate the moments I have with my family, because life is short, we don't have much time left.  As a child, I made Christmas about me and what gifts I could receive. Now, I learned what the most important gift I given is when I look at the Christmas tree. Christ gave me his amazing grace, and the forgiveness of sin, to live with him forever. That is why I celebrate  Christmas.

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