Monday, July 15, 2013

Rain Rain

I think the maturity of the people on social media in Georgia have someway or another complained about the mass amounts of rain we have been given (including myself). A pastor in Florida said this about the rain, "Rain in the bible is said to be a 'Blessing.' God has been giving us a lot of blessings, the blessings are flowing through the streets, and His blessings are creating floods." God created everything, and has called each drop of water to fall from the sky to bless us. The question I find asking myself when I complain is, "Am  I letting my will come before God's holy, prefect, and unique will?"

The abundance of rain reminds me of Joseph and Pharaoh. Joseph is telling Pharaoh that he will have 7 years of abundance and the following 7 years of dry land. God told Joseph to prepare Egypt for the future. God has a unique purpose for the rain for the future. This is why we trust His will instead of our own. Our will only goes to the present, but God's will, sees into the future. Think about the limitations of your will in the midst of troubles. Then think about God's will in the midst of those troubles. Trust in the limitless will of God before you trust in your own.

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