Friday, April 15, 2011

The Body Series (2)

Our Father who is in Heaven

This is the second blog in my series called "The Body Series". In this blog I am going to be talking about how God is a father and why he has the role as a father. We will also explore the masculine and feminine roles of God also.

In the New Testament, God is called "Father" 245 times. Why is God know as a Father then? One of the main reasons is of the importance of the Father-Son relationship that God has through Jesus Christ. Father in the dictionary is describe as a leader one the city, God is the most important leader ever in history so God fits the category as a LEADER. Another definition of a father is to be a creator, founder, or author of. Well God is the creator of all things, he is the author of the Bible, and the author of life; so he gets the title CREATOR. This next one is one of my favorites and I have two examples from the Bible. To acknowledge oneself as the father of, "Psalm 68:5 Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—  this is God, whose dwelling is holy." God saids that he is the father to the fatherless. Does this mean that he is only Father to the fatherless? Well yes and no; yes because, if your father was/is hurtful to you in anyway it distorts who God is as a Father, no because, I have one of the most amazing fathers and when I hear of God I compare to my father to the Father, God does the most amazing things for me that my earthly father can't even come close to do. So we learn that God is a FATHER. So we learned that our God is a leader, creator, and Father. So those are also the masculine traits of God.

Next blog I will talk about the feminine traits of God and why God is so unique.

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