Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Body (3)


This is the third blog on the the body series. I think through study about God, I have learned how special our God really is, and how we can apply it to our life's. Today you will learn about the feminine parts of God, and why God is so unique.
Some people have trouble talking about God having feminine attributes, I never heard anybody talk to me about these things. God is mother who comforts her children, (Isa 66:12-13). God is a comforter and he comforts his children. I looked in the dictionary for the word meaning of mother. One of the definition that stood out to me was, "to care for or protect like a mother". God is takes care of our every need, and God protects us from the big evils. A mother has to let their children make mistakes so they can learn from there mistakes. There is not many things that the bible says that God is a mother. One thing that stands out is the part in the bible where is saids, "God gave birth to Israel". But it seems like that was a figure of speech. You can find a lot more about the feminine traits of God but It would be traits similar to a father but just in a different position.
Now for my favorite thing to talk about that is so mind moving, it is something that makes your heart jump when you read it. I am going to be talking about how unique God is. There is not a lot to say about how unique he is because it is hard to get your mind around the thought of God being everlasting, and that knows everything. God is so unique he doesn't have a sex. God is both but he does not have the physical traits that a man or a women would have. So there are us man and women, then completely separate there is God. Mind blowing but it's true. The best thing about my God is that he is always there. Like my father he works so I do not get to spend time with him 24/7. The crazy thing about God is that he does his job and spends one on one time with each and every child at every moment of everyday. That is mind blowing that he takes the time to spend with JUST us and everyone else at the same time. That's all I have to really say about that. Also, when you read this I used "he" to describe God, thats because our natural thing it that we have always been told that he was a man.
I am going to take a break for the next couple blogs about the body of God, so I can get you caught up of what God is doing in my life. The next blog in the series of the body of God is going to be about how we are the body of Christ and how most Christians take this view lightly.

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