Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Back To The Basics

Seems like every time you turn around as followers of Jesus, there is another book out. A book that is suppose to help you live a better life. Not saying these books are bad. These books keep repeating and repeating. Some books change there view on a certain topic. Like Rob Bell's book "Love Wins", he changes his view on Heaven and Hell. Then you turn around and there's people writing a book about "Love Wins." So Christian books really do control a lot of what people think, some in good ways and some in bad ways. How do we as followers of Jesus get out of this book chaos?

I got in this book chaos and I have learned a couple ways to get out of it but still have a passion for what peoples views and thoughts are.

1. Get All The Way Through
Getting all the way through your bible is a great first step. I say this because you want to develop your own views on topics. You will learn the basic doctrine through reading your bible all you way through.

2. Let It All Out
Pray. Let God know what you are feeling. Ask God to give you the Holy Spirit to give you better knowledge on the basic doctrine. The book chaos is not bad, we just need to learn the basics first.

3. Getting Back To The Basics
I got in this mind set that, I know all I need to know about the doctrine. I want to learn the hard stuff. But repeatly God tells me to get back to the basics. When I say basic I am talking about his love, and his death, and prayer. So I read the Gospels again, reading trough the Gospels this time, I learned more then I have ever learned.

How is the book chaos changing you?

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