Monday, October 24, 2011

Uplifting Conversation

This is a conversation I had with a friend about stress and teens. I am "A" and "B" is my
friend. They didn't want their name in the blog so their "B". Thanks for viewing my blog, it really means a lot.

A:Where is the fun in life?

B:Weekends..Christmas and other breaks haha.

A:No wander kids turn to drugs and crap, that don't have anything to do.

B:For real

A:Makes complete sense now if we didn't have such a boring time at school kids would

be drug free. "GET RID OF SCHOOL" haha lol

A:Hahaha so true!

B:We just need to help kids stay more relaxed and not have drama and we are drugfree.

A:Yeah..they do it when they're stressed and just wanna party

B:I was taking to a girl today and she said she parties to celebrate life. Which is not bad

just wrong the ways they celebrate life.

A:Really? Yeah it's good to celebrate..just not like that

B:Need a different way to celebrate

A:Yeah like worship or prayer.

B: Yeah love worship. Or even just hanging with friends..better than drinking or doing


A: Yeah well we have the solution we need to life it and put it to practice. how you worded that

A:Thanks. I told my teachers to take it easy, because they stress us out so much.

B:That's good!

A:They say stuff to motivate us but it stresses us and makes us turn to other things, sin

is just stress being released.

B:Yeah, yeah things teachers say make me think a lot and stresses me out. Nothing

good comes from stress

A:Like stressing does not do anything for you.

B:Oh yeah..definitely agree

A:So the teachers are the cause of the drugs and we are the effect.

B:But is it really right to blame the teachers they are just doing their job and teaching us

A:Yeah, but put less stress on the kids.

B:Yeah, you're right.

A:We will see, I am going to see what one of my teachers thinks about it. To see if they

believe the same thing as you and me.

B:You should, that would be awesome

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