Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is the 1st blog in the "God Without Religion Series." This series will take parts of the book God Without Religion - Andrew Farly, and I will break it down and show you how blessed we really are.

There are a lot of choices that we can make. The question the author asked the reader is this, "Can it really really be this simple?" This question is asking can we have God without religion. He points points out how we can have God without religion and he shows how simple this really is. In this book there are a lot of short stories and how some choices are going to change our life.

This is the first short story and it is placed in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In this story the author points out how we are all on the downhill slalom. He saids that it is a rocky road down the hill. But instead of us on the starting line, Jesus is. He doesn't just go down the hill and make it, but he goes down the hill perfectly. Jesus will earn the medal, set an Olympic record, and then he will turn to us the people that would crash, and fail. Not even making it down the hill. Jesus would say, "This is your medal, your record." We should thank Jesus for taking our place on the mountain as he took our place on the cross. The author said, "We should respect the mountain, but have no business trying to survive its treacherous slopes."

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