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This is going to be a long blog so I hope you can stay with me on this one. So this is the third blog in the (GOD WITHOUT RELIGION SERIES). If you missed the first two I will put the links at the bottom. We are answering the question, "Can it be this simple?" being this simple to live with God without religion. I pray that this series has reached your heart.

In this short story the author takes us back to the time that he was a teenager. When the  author Andrew was a teenager he was like most teenagers a speeder. Well he and his dad went to Indianapolis Motor Speedway some time after he was a teenager for the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Where they were at on the Indy 500 track they said they can go as fast as they can. No tickets, no limits. He was driving and he thought to himself that he should be careful, and he should play it safe and have a good time. The fastest speed that day was over 160mph. His fastest was 132mph. Andrew the author said, "That was slower than a lot of the other drivers. And ironically, it was slower than same speeds I'd reached as a teenager out on America's highways!" The point is when we have strict laws in place and rules. We often find ourselves wanting to push the limits and break them. He saids, "Laws and rules actually cause sin to increase, not decrease." God saids, "You are not under the law, but under grace."(Rom. 8:14) If you have not read Roman 8, I highly, highly, recommend that chap. When sky's the limit, we discover what we really want. So God made the choice to let us get out of the law and be under grace. That choice changes the way I live my life and how many other Christians live theirs.

So through this book it has changed the way that I view religion. Those stories are just practical easy ways that we can have God without religion, downhill slopes, rats, and the law. So the question asked, "Can it really be this simple?" I say yes, it really can be this simple we as Christians,  just go out and live it!!
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