Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peru Mission Journal (3-18-12)

Something Great

Worshiping this morning in a movie theater was amazing. My old youth minister Crockett has followed God's call to plant a church in Hickory, NC. Today was their first gathering, and it was held in a movie theater, which was amazing to say the least.

Crockett talked about how we get overwhelmed. He talked about how moving to Hickory and planting a church is overwhelming. Then, he talked about how he fell to his knees and prayed with his wife about how they just want to surrender their life's completely to God's call and to trust him with everything. When he surrendered it all to God something starts happening, something great, God's will was done. Jesus while he was here on this earth went through an overwhelming time, when he was praying before he was betrayed. Jesus knew what his father wanted him to do. Jesus surrendered what he wanted to do for God's glory, and something great happen. We are forgiven of our sins because of Jesus' decision.,

I hope you can pray this week for the group going on this trip, for everyone to surrender their life to God's call. I pray we can completely trust in God for everything. We need to remember that without Jesus' sacrifice we would have nothing. If we do this something truly great will happen.

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