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This topic of "Guy Code," has been tossed around on Facebook. I promised a blog about it, I decided to do a series on this topic. It will be a 3 part series. First part, will be about how today's view of Guy Code and my view of Guy Code line up. Second part, is going to be about how today's view of Guy Code lines up with Jesus's Guy Code. Third part, is going to be about how we can change our Guy Code to Jesus's Guy Code.

What is Guy Code?

Well the funny thing is, after 15 mins on the internet, there is no clear definition of Guy Code. Guy Code is a internal sense between guys that they must follow not to become a (fill blank here).

Today's Guy Code

There is a little show on MTV 2 all about Guy Code. You might notice the picture above ^ . I thought this show was going to really help some guys, but it didn't. This show tries to explain what code you(guys) need to live by. I after three episodes I was deeply sadden. I was sad because this show was suppose to help guy treat girls with the utmost respect.


This show basically tells guys how to be disrespectful in the most respectful way. Example: After you have a one-night-stand, calling a cab for her. Now, disrespect is sleeping with her, but you will respect her enough to call a cab after. Pauly D, is notorious for doing this, to be honest it is true. A guy like Pauly D has today's Guy Code.

My Guy Code

Guy Code is mostly about girls. How you treat girls, is a big issue upon guys. Besides following God, treating women like God's daughters is on top.
Treating women like they are suppose to be treated is very hard without having Jesus in your life. I am guilty of not treating girls the right way, and it reflected the relationship I was having with Jesus. Learning how treat women now, will benefit you in the future.

Next blog will compare Jesus's Guy Code and the worlds.

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