Monday, June 25, 2012

Peru Mission Journal (4th Day)

June 18,2012

Today we were able to sleep in a little longer. The beds in Peru are very hard so I did not get much sleep. As I go through the days here in Peru I realize how very blessed we are. Every night we go to church to worship God. The services last very long which is amazing. So tonight like always we get on the bus to go to church. We are sitting on the bus and the translator on the bus said our battery is dead. So us guys got out and pushed the bus to get it started. Praise God the bus started.

At the end of the service we had an alter call for those who want prayer. After I prayed for the people I decided to get on my hands and knees and pray to the God of the universe. Tonight God changed my life FOREVER!

Location:Little Mill Rd,Cumming,United States

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