Sunday, March 6, 2011

Listening And Doing - James 1:22-24

When we read God's word it seems so easy to do what it saids, but we often find ourselves not doing what it said at all. This part of God's word reminds me of what to take away from the bible when I read it. Don't just hear the word but listen. When we are hearing something it's just knowing that something is being said, listening is concentrating on what is being said and understanding what is means. So when you read the word or listen to your preacher don't just hear but listen and do it what they tell you. If we don't do what it saids it is like we were looking at ourselves in the mirror and then we walk away and do not know what we even look like. Sounds stupid but that is what God thinks when we do not listen to his word. In the scripture it said, " after looking at themselves, go away and immediately forget what they look like." You see that word immediately, that means right after church or after stepping away from the Bible we forget what we just heard and do nothing about it. So may we as a family of God take what we learn fully listen and do what the word saids.

James 1:22-24
22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.23 Those who listen to the word but do not do what it says are like people who look at their faces in a mirror24 and, after looking at themselves, go away and immediately forget what they look like.

God, let our lives reflect your son Christ Jesus and not merely listen to the word. God, open doors so we can practice what you want us to do through your word. Your will be done.

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